Our Eco Journey

We care about our footprint, and yours.

At Relax it’s Done we are proud Kiwis and feel privileged to live in and share this special part of the world with others. We are also passionate eco-warriors and want to do our part to make a positive impact on our environment.

During your stay, you can contribute by conserving energy, supporting local stores, recycling and not using single-use coffee cups. The tap water is safe to drink, so there is no need to buy plastic water bottles.

Protecting our environment is an ongoing journey, but together we can create a more sustainable world for generations to come.

Steps so far...

We have eliminated single-use plastics from our properties and replaced them with stylish refillable consumables sourced from New Zealand.

We are committed to using eco-friendly brands like Ashley & Co and Eco-store to reduce our impact on wastewater.

Most properties have compostable coffee capsules and/or Nespresso recycling bags.

We provide recycling facilities and offer best-practice information to our guests, making it easy for everyone to reduce waste and recycle with confidence, sorting items correctly.

Linen is washed and changed for stays of 7+ nights to reduce energy consumption (may be variable per property).

Most properties have energy efficient appliances and LED lighting.

Our properties undergo a thorough closure process between guest stays to ensure energy efficiency when they are not in use.

In our office, we’ve embraced a largely paperless approach to reduce our resource consumption.

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