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Doing our part.

At Relax it's Done, we are proud of this gorgeous place we call home and the amazing community we are a part of. Our hard work doesn't just stop at property management; we love getting actively involved and contributing to our local community, doing our bit to make it a better place for everyone. Here are some of the initiatives we are a part of.


Happiness House donation

When you book directly with us, we make a special contribution to our Queenstown community. For every night you stay, $10 will go straight to Happiness House, a registered charity that supports individuals and families in the Wakatipu area. They do incredible work, helping people make positive choices and live fulfilling lives. You can learn more about their amazing initiatives at

In 2023 we donated $4,500 to Happiness House so that they can keep doing their good work in our community! By choosing to book with us, you’re not only treating yourself to a fantastic holiday but also making a difference in the lives of others. It’s a win-win situation that brings joy to everyone involved!


Love Queenstown initiative

As proud and passionate Queenstown locals, the Relax it’s Done team are so grateful to call this piece of paradise our home. A place of natural beauty, culture, heritage, and diversity; a place that connects with everyone who visits. And with that, also comes a huge responsibility to care for this special place and encourage our guests to do the same.

Introducing, the ‘Love Queenstown‘ initiative, a giving platform supporting local climate, conservation and biodiversity projects that actually make an impact in our region. Through donations, investment and volunteer time, this initiative gives locals and visitors who connect with this special place the opportunity to help protect, regenerate, and restore the environment that makes it all possible for generations to come.

If you feel as strongly about the Queenstown region as we do, join the mission, donate, and leave a lasting impact. Every dollar raised goes back to helping the Queenstown environment thrive.

Our Eco Journey

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